Next meeting will be held June 11, 2017 at 5:00 pm at the Chisholm Trail Rustic Venue. Elections being held this month. Stars and Strikes event held from 2:00pm - 4:00pm prior to the meeting at Pin Center Bowl.

Up Coming Events:


We are currently holding a "call for concept" for the revitalization for the mural at P.D. Lacewell Park. Contact Commander Laureles,, or contact us through Facebook for more information. The mural will end up being a collaberation of several ideas as we find what best suits the community and patriotic themes.­

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P.D. Lacewell park, located off Granbury Street, has a mural that has fallen on disrepair. We are working with the Parks and Recreation Department to revitalize the mural into something the city can be proud of. Plans are in the works to find how we will decorate the mural. Stay tuned for information and ways you can volunteer to help. We have recieved official permission from the Parks Department and will be working with them to complete this project.


Congratulations to our Patriot's Pen and Voice of Democracy students. This year we were able to select four, Parisa Ahmady and Michelle Garcia from Smith Middle School, and Kevin Duran and Micky Smith from Wheat Middle School.  You can read the entry that scored the highest with the post, here.


Smart Mahr National Citizenship Teacher Awars (VFW Teacher of the Year) 2016-2017

Congratulations to Mrs. Kathey Misek (8th Grade US History Teacher) of Smith Middle School for being our Post "Teacher of the Year". The nomination goes through our District Level next, the to the State (Department), and then finally National levels. Good Luck Mrs. Misek and thank you for helping guide our kids in patriotic and citizenship lessons. Our kids are our future leaders and Veterans.

Progress to All-State:

We are on track to being recognized as an All-State Post, our first full year. Here is how we are doing,


Membership - required 100%+1 of goal (38 members), currently 102.7% (38 members)

VPR's (Veteran Projects) - required 10, currently 10

Buddy Poppy orders - required 15 per member, complete

Community Service - complete

Americanism - complete

Youth Education - complete

Patriot's Pen and Voice of Democracy participation - complete

Teacher of the Year participation - complete

Quarterly Audits completed on time - 4th Quarter remains (due this month)

Post Inspection - complete

Service Officer Registration and Quartermaster bond - complete

MAP and Texas House donation - complete

2017-2018 election - to be held later this year

Convention participation - to be held later this year


On March 4th, we held our first annual BBQ Cook-Off. Thank you for everyone who came by and enjoyed some good food and some fun. Thank you to all the VFW posts who participated and won awards. This event was able to bring in over $3,000 to help our post do more for the community.

The Grand Texas Airshow is coming to Cleburne July 1st. They have decided to sponsor our post. We will be setting up a tent with information and other material at the airshow. This will be a good time for all some come out and support them and our post. Visit their website at for information and buy tickets early.

Along with the Airshow, the promoters are selling raffle tickets for several unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Only 1,000 tickets are available, only $25 each, a package of 5 tickets for $100 is available. Tickets are currently only available online and can be purchased from LibertyFunder, click here to purchase. Procedes will go to helping fund an Honor Flight on the B-17 for one of Johnson County's WW2 vets, being selected by our post.


Raffle awards as follows:

Grand Prize - A ride one of the remaining, flying B-17s (Texas Raiders)

1st prize - A ride on a Bell-47 helicopter (made famous from the show M*A*S*H)

2nd prize - An Performance Exotics Driving Experience in a Ferrari or Lamborghini

3rd prize - Two (2) VIP tickets to the Airshow

gallery/texas raiders

Grand Prize - Ride on B-17 Texas Raiders (pictured)

1st Prize - Ride on Bell-47 helicopter

2nd Prize - Performance Exotics Diriving Experience in a Ferarri or Lamborghini